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“No-frills” bookkeeping accounting fees

We, at YerAnt, offer our services to clients from a simple sole proprietorship to very complicated group of unlisted companies. As for departmental outsourcing, there are too many variables such as level of involvement, volume of transactions, actual job scopes. Understanding this, we provide very flexible packages for our clients to decide what is best …

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Tax planning and tax evasion

Tax planning and tax evasion are two different activities per se. Tax planning is the act of arranging of one’s financial affairs to take full advantage of all eligible tax exemptions, deductions, concessions, rebates, allowances permitted under the Income Tax Act, so that the tax burden is minimised in the hands of the taxpayer without …

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Bookkeeping accounting software

Yer Ant has a decade long experience in using accounting softwares, such as UBS (now Sage), MYOB, DacEasy, Peachtree (to name a few more well-known piece of softwares in Malaysia), to perform bookkeeping task for clients. We have also experience in implementing modular based ERP system where it integrates the functions of purchasing, warehousing, production …

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