Bookkeeping accounting software

Yer Ant has a decade long experience in using accounting softwares, such as UBS (now Sage), MYOB, DacEasy, Peachtree (to name a few more well-known piece of softwares in Malaysia), to perform bookkeeping task for clients. We have also experience in implementing modular based ERP system where it integrates the functions of purchasing, warehousing, production together with cost management and financial reporting function. For SME and below, standalone accounting software is sufficient for their day-to-day transactions capturing and monthly and annual financial reporting purposes.

All accounting softwares nowadays are created to cater for bookkeeping and simple financial reporting functions. They help bookkeepers to recording of all financial transactions of a business, organising and tracking receipts, purchases and expenses, record transaction in chronological fashion in journals, postings to general, debtors’ and creditors’ ledgers, generating monthly and annual financial statements. Most accounting softwares have spreadsheet (such as Excel) integration for export the numbers into the latter for ease of data construction/manipulation. Exported data can then be presented in the form required by the users; for example, use of recorded data for preparation of accounting schedules, for cost and budgeting analysis, and even for forecasting purpose.

Whilst most accounting softwares now have the capability to “drill-in” for more detailed information pertaining to any transactions captured during the data entry process. As described in the paragraph above, they can then be exported and used for costing and budgeting analysis. Business owners can make the data albeit with the help of the bookkeepers to analysis the business health, profitability, cost efficiency and pricing structures.

Yer Ant also provides financial advisory and analysis services for business owners who like to “drill down” and know more about his/her business’s financial health and profitability using the readily available bookkeeping data for analysis and examination purpose.